Why Upgrade Your QuickBooks POS Software?

QuickBooks is one of the most trusted brands of products and services for years. The products are completely designed to benefit you as a business owner. The powerful tools become more powerful with every new upgrade. If you are an existing user QuickBooks makes the newest versions easy to use with your current software. When you buy QuickBooks POS you are purchasing a software that will allow you to gain a little freedom back. The money you spend on it will not compare the amount you can save by using it.

The New Featured You’ve Asked For

QuickBooks software is such a great choice because if a customer finds a flaw in the next version Intuit changes that feature. In the previous QuickBooks Point of Sale version 12.0 if you used CipherLab8000 or CipherLab8001 it was not compatible. This can push possible QuickBooks users away or may cause you not continue after your purchase is expired. In the updated 18.0 version QuickBooks Point of Sale can now work with both CipherLab8000 and CipherLab8001.

Build a Closer Relationship with Your Customers

It is now easier and more accessible to see your customers history with your business. In the previous QuickBooks Point of Sale version 12.0, you had to go to more information about your customer. So, you did not have it right there in front of you when you needed it. In the 18.0 upgraded version, you have that information on the “Make a Sale” screen. You have access to account balances, available credit, notes, and customer history. This comes in handy when you are in the middle of a transaction with them and having information available if asked will help build your relationship. Customers are more likely to come back if you make things quick and easy for them.

New Revolutionizing Ways

Tablets are amazing little devices. You can do about anything that you do on your computer. Now you can even manage your point of sale software from your tablet. It is only compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pro but with that option, it gives a two-in-one possibility. This is beneficial for business owners that are always on the go but need to still see what is going on in the business. If you travel it is a lightweight, small option that you can bring on a plane, in the car, on a train, and basically anywhere. This feature gives you more of a chance to get a little freedom back.

When you buy QuickBooks POS 18.0 you will have software that will benefit you in many ways. Your new software will help you build stronger relationships with your customers. You will be able to have access anywhere and on any trip. Any complaint you may ever have can be the next feature that is improved or added. If you are interested in upgrading or buying for the first time go to You will also be able to see here the very long list of powerful features that will be included in this amazing product.


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