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Manufacturer Support

If you need technical support or hardware warranty service, please contact the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer's contact information can be found within the documentation or invoice that was shipped to you. If the product does not come with a manual or a specific technical support contact, the manufacturer's name and address will be printed on the packaging. If you cannot locate this information, you may find the manufacturer's contact information listed below.

Company Web Address Phone Number
APG Cash Drawer http://www.cashdrawer.com 763-571-5000 
Bematech / Logic Controls http://www.bematechus.com/support/warranties-policies/ 516-248-0400
Dell http://support.dell.com/support/index.aspx?~ck=pn
Elo http://www.elotouch.com/Support/default.asp 800-557-1458 
Epson http://www.pos.epson.com/service/index.htm 562-276-1314 
HP HP POS Support Link 800-474-6836
Honeywell Honeywell Support Link 800-782-4263
Ingenico http://ingenico.us/services/warranty-options/ 678-456-1200
Intuit Field Service Management http://www.intuit.com 800-517-2871
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise http://www.intuit.com 866-340-7237
Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services http://www.intuit.com 800-558-9558
Intuit QuickBooks Online http://www.intuit.com 800-488-7330
Intuit QuickBooks Payroll http://www.intuit.com 888-712-9702
Intuit QuickBooks Pro/Premier http://www.intuit.com 800-446-8848
Intuit QuickBooks POS Desktop http://www.intuit.com 877-223-4713
Intuit QuickBooks POS For iPad http://www.intuit.com 800-914-2688
Magtek http://www.magtek.com/support/ 651-415-6800 
MMF http://www.mmfpos.com/index.aspx  800-769-1954 
MyOwnASP https://www.myownasp.com/support.asp 800-521-7322
Star Micronics http://www.starmicronics.com/Supports/SupportMain.aspx 800-782-7636  
Right Networks https://www.rightnetworks.com/support/ 888-417-4448
Zebra http://www.zebra.com/id/zebra/na/en/index/service_support.html 866-230-9494 


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