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Restaurant POS System

Introducing QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel for restaurants in an easy to use, cloud-based iPad interface.

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Online Access. Anytime, Anywhere
Back office activities no longer need to be performed in-store. Use our online web dashboard to view and check reports.

Always On Mode
If all else fails, our Always On Mode allows you to continue to take credit card payments so that you don’t lose a sale.

Integrates with Quickbooks
Integrates with QuickBooks Online. Sales information gets automatically entered into your accounting software.

Modern Restaurant POS Built For iPad

Turn tables faster with Quickbooks POS powered by Revel Restaurant Point of Sale (POS). Access a full suite of features made to grow your restaurant quicker. From pre-authorization, caller I.D., table timers, split bills and table layouts, QuickBooks POS iPad Point of Sale gives you the tools to run your business more efficiently than ever. Call today and get a sales rep to help you take your restaurant to the next level.

QuickBooks Restaurant POS Bundle

  • $600 Cash Back per terminal*
  • Apple iPad Air
  • iPad Arm Stand
  • Ingenico iPP 350 PIN pad
  • Optional Barcode Scanner
  • Epson T20 Receipt Printer
  • APG Vasario 1616 Cash Drawer
  • Wireless Outdoor Access Point
  • Router and 5 Port Switch
  • Surge Protector
  • Ethernet Cables

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Restaurant POS System

Watch how QuickBooks Restaurant POS works.


How to Ring Sales with QuickBooks POS

How to Add Inventory Items with QuickBooks POS

How to use Always On Mode with QuickBooks POS

Tools for Restaurants


Track the exact amount of alcohol poured so you know what to restock and when.



Detail drink recipes down to individual ingredients and monitor stock levels of each item.


Let customers skip the line and place orders on the go from their mobile device.



Manage the status of every bar tab on one screen.


Auto set up tills or input tills manually, manage finances and view sales reports to match numbers.



Save time with reports that explain your business progress and projection to you.


Key Platform Benefits

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Seamless integration & low rates with QuickBooks Payments
  • Compliant with PCI/P2PE standards
  • Easy to train new employees
  • Always On Mode keeps your business running in the event of an Internet slow-down or power outage
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Open API for customization
  • Simple and intuitive UI for faster service
  • Integrated CRM

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Inventory Management

  • Real-time tracking. Monitor inventory levels in real-time so you know how much of an item is available at that exact moment
  • Save time. Input how much inventory your single location business has on the management console and let Revel’s iPad POS automatically reduce count as sales are made. Avoid having to manually count inventory again and save countless hours
  • Lower costs. Don’t over or under order for inventory. By monitoring inventory in real-time, users can determine the best times to reorder and by how much
  • Calculated waste loss. Revel’s management console calculates waste loss variance and waste loss percentages automatically, helping your business manage shrinkage or loss
  • Automatic alerts. Set up low-stock alert thresholds within the management console and Revel will automatically alert you once you have passed below a certain level to remind you to reorder
  • Purchase order creation. Easily generate purchase orders directly from the management console once you have determined when it is time to reorder items. Document vendor contact information and link their details to products for purchase order creation

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eCommerce Platform

  • Multiple ways to display items. Give your customers various options to view and buy your products online so they have a user-friendly, easy to find experience.
  • Expand your single location businesses’ visibility. Broaden your single location businesses’s reach to a global level by having an online presence.
  • Increase sales. Gain new customers by offering the ability to purchase online.
  • Full customization. Customize your E-commerce platform specific to your specific brand and business wants.
  • Offer online and mobile purchasing. For Retailers allows users to order a item and have it shipped directly to them.
  • Affordable. Add integrated eCommerce / Online Ordering to your retail or restaurant for only $99 setup fee plus $50 per month!

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POS Equipment Leasing

Revolutionize your business with a leading iPad Point-of-Sale solution that works seamlessly with QuickBooks. Get started now and apply for equipment lease financing from your trusted source of small business solutions. Through our partnership with Intuit and Direct Capital, we provide affordable access to cash for your business anytime, anywhere, for any need. Direct Capital's intuitive technology and A+ customer service make managing your cash-flow and purchasing needs fast and simple.

  • Lease Your Revel POS Hardware
  • 12, 24 or 36 month payment terms
  • Fixed Rates starting at 9.5% based on personal and business credit
  • Own your hardware at the end of the term; $1 Buyout
  • No termination fee - but up to 3% of lease amount is due at the time of cancellation.
  • Minimum 2 years TIB expected – decision exceptions possible based on credit and revenue
  • Personal FICO of 600 or better
  • Up to 20% of total costs for training, shipping, etc.

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Even More Great Features

  Always On Mode
Continue to process payments and orders during an Internet slow down or power outage.

  Intelligent Reporting
Access detailed reports on completed sales and order history summaries to better understand top selling items and buyer behavior.

  PCI/P2PE Compliance
All credit card information is safely transmitted to payment processors, protecting both business and consumer data.

  Tableside Ordering
Take orders throughout your single location restaurant from an iPad or iPad Mini using Revel’s application.

  Appointment Scheduling
Designed to make scheduling easier for spas, salons and any business with appointments.

  Order Status Tracking
Order Status Tracking is a feature that is part of the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  Payment Encryption
Every time a credit card is swiped through a Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale, information is encrypted ensuring card data won’t be intercepted or stolen.

  Enterprise Reporting*
Leverage Revel’s most comprehensive reporting suite and easily monitor data across multiple locations. *additional monthly fee

  Scale Integration
Particularly beneficial for Grocery and Froyo businesses, integrated scales communicate effortlessly with the Revel POS for accuracy and ensures speed of service.

  Franchise Management
Revel’s solution is made to scale so as your single location business grows and transitions into a multi-location business, Revel is with you the entire way.

  User Access
Single location business owners can increase security and control how employees access real-time management console information.

  Specified Stations
Designate Revel Point of Sale stations to provide specific services.

  Till Management
Users can view sales reports and match numbers with the till count to determine whether or not finances are in balance.

  Matrix Inventory
Start managing inventory with thousands of SKUs easily and navigate through your single location businesses’ inventory in the most efficient, simple way possible.

  Loyalty Programs*
Incentivize customers to keep coming back by letting them accrue points for their purchases and redeem rewards. *additional monthly fee

  Customer Relationship Management
Keep track of detailed customer information and their preferences with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the management console.

  Customer Order Alert Screen
Customers can see when their orders are ready for pickup with the Customer Order Alert Screen.

  Wi-Fi Management
No matter what Internet Service Provider (ISP) your single location business uses, Revel makes sure you have the most effective Wi-Fi network.

  Gift Cards*
Generate sales by providing customers the option to purchase and use gift cards. *additional monthly fee

  Preconfigured Hardware
With Revel’s preconfigured hardware, purchasers can take the system out of the box and get set-up easily.

  Label Printing
Print either high volume large pricing labels to put on shelves for easy to read pricing or individual labels for each inventory item.

  QuickBooks Integration
Export valuable data from your Point of Sale into QuickBooks to gain a holistic view of your single location businesses's financials and overall performance.

  Employee Scheduling
Have your employees accept or deny their schedules right from their mobile device.

  Order Routing
Order Routing is a feature that is part of the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  Custom Permissions
Control who has access to what and designate roles for each employee.

  Receipt Options
Customers can choose to have their receipts emailed or printed; they also have the option to have no receipt.


Revolutionize your business today with QuickBooks POS powered by Revel.


*Important disclaimers

QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel systems runs on Wifi internet. If Wifi goes down you can still use a Local area connection to keep running. If all else fails, you can still continue to take credit card payments in Always On mode. Credit Cards accepted in Always On Mode will not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Intuit is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode. Businesses can control and set risk thresholds for taking payments offline by: 1)Setting single offline payment maximum, and 2) Setting maximum total of all unprocessed offline payments. In addition to accessing the POS System in store, customers can access an online dashboard from anywhere using any device that supports a web browser(i.e. laptop). Access subject to Internet Provider availability. Auto payment reconciliation works with QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus. Customer must be using QuickBooks POS powered by Revel Systems, QuickBooks Online, and a POS Merchant Service account. Once product is received, customers can start entering in inventory items. Integrates with your version of QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel systems cloud software is EMV Ready. PIN Pad (Ingenico IPP 350) is EMV Chip Card Ready.


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